NBA Trade Rumor: Andrei Kirilenko to the Warriors

05.06.09 8 years ago 23 Comments


If the Warriors were to create a wish list, there would probably be room for only one thing above acquiring a real point guard and perhaps a low-post scorer. There’s no doubt that the top wish would read, “Get rid of Corey ‘Bad Porn’ Maggette.” And there’s a chance that Christmas comes early this year. There’s a rumor that Maggette could be sent to Utah for Andrei Kirilenko.

From the Salt Lake Tribune

Maggette signed a six-year, $42 million offer sheet with the Jazz as a restricted free agent in 2003, which the L.A. Clippers opted to match. The Jazz reportedly expressed interest in Maggette as a free agent again last summer.

Speaking generally, Jazz general manager Kevin O’Connor said he would not be opposed to taking on a long-term salary commitment in a potential trade if it was the best basketball decision.

From the Contra Costa Times

Chatter is circling about the Warriors’ possible interest in acquiring Utah forward Andrei Kirilenko. Speculation abounds about what the Warriors will do with their lottery pick next month — use it or trade it.

Conjecture is everywhere about what the Warriors need to acquire this summer, whether it’s a point guard, veteran help off the bench or a stud low-post scorer.

Though there might need to be some other pieces involved in this deal in order to make the dollars work, it could happen within this general framework. Maggette could give Utah a guy who can create for himself, thereby allowing Deron Williams to get a couple more possessions each game in which he’s playing off-ball. (We saw him succeed in that role during the Olympics when he was catching-and-shooting a fair amount.) And Kirilenko would allow the Warriors to focus their offense in one way or another. Instead of having the guy who brings the ball down the court go one-on-one, AK-47 works without the ball, thus giving even greater control to Stephen Jackson/Monta Ellis. (We could say Jamal Crawford too, but it seems as though Don Nelson would rather give up a vital organ than bring him back.)

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