Nellie to Anthony Randolph: Do as I say, not as everyone else does

03.26.09 9 years ago 15 Comments

Anthony Randolph

Don Nelson‘s on-court personnel moves have been all over the place this year, whether it’s randomly benching Jamal Crawford for no reason, or deciding Anthony Morrow‘s nightly playing time on a Plinko board.

Last night, though, Nellie showed some admirable forethought when he gave rookie Anthony Randolph the chance to start in front of his hometown fans in Dallas. Randolph played 31 minutes in the Warriors’ loss to the Mavs, finishing with 10 points, six boards and two steals.

But after the game, Nellie wasn’t totally thrilled with the kid. From the Contra Costa Times:

“Because he came home, I wanted to start him,” Nelson said. “I was pretty disappointed when he reverted back to the way he wants to play, which is the way that we had him in training camp — coming down wild and shooting every time. I bent over backwards to make sure he played a lot tonight so he could play in front of his family, and that was a bit of a disappointment.”

Nellie clarified that Randolph “played pretty well most of the game,” but even then, his claims of disappointment are funny given how the Warriors normally play. Coming down wild and shooting every time seemed to be the company line in GS, but maybe there is a method to the madness.

I can just see Nellie lecturing Randolph in the locker room and Randolph with one of those, “But everyone else is doing it!” looks on his face while Corey Maggette is laughing across the room.

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