Nike Blue Chip Supreme: Deron Williams

10.09.08 9 years ago 12 Comments
D. Will's KicksD. Will’s Kicks

Yesterday we showed you guys pics of Brandon Roy’s Nike Blue Chip Supreme. Now check out Deron Williams’ version.

D. Will's KicksD. Will’s Kicks

Fresh off of a great season last year and a gold medal in Beijing, its only fitting that Nike hook D. Will up with his own custom kicks. D. Will’s kicks are a definite change of pace from B. Roy’s. Williams’ sneakers are not as clean as Brandon’s, which I personally am a fan of. I do like the addition of suede that they threw on them. I believe Brandon’s other colorway has the suede also but I haven’t seen them yet.

While I wouldn’t personally wear these, I do like the design on them.

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