Orlando Summer League: Roster check

07.06.09 8 years ago 14 Comments
Terrence Williams (Louisville)

Terrence Williams (Louisville)

If you’re fiendin’ for basketball like Pookie when he went undercover at The Carter, starting at 3 p.m. EST today you’ve got a fix coming.

That’s when the Orlando Pro Summer League tips off — the first game is the Pacers versus the Nets/76ers hybrid squad — and you can watch the games online HERE. In the meantime, here are some of the players to watch:

Nick Fazekas (Celtics) — If every NBA team decided they needed a 6-10 Billy Hoyle-type, Fazekas would have a job. Then the League could implement the annual Pat Garrity Award for the best one.

J.R. Giddens/Bill Walker (Celtics) — Should put up big numbers like they did in their D-League stints last season. Giddens and Walker are still trying to establish their place on the C’s major league roster; the team seems to like Walker more, but Giddens has the first-round guaranteed contract.

Mike Sweetney (Celtics) — He’s listed at 270 pounds. I’ll believe it when I see it. Love the guy, one of my favorite Hoyas during his college run, but Red Robin was to Big Mike what E&J was to Vin Baker.

Tyler Hansbrough/Roy Hibbert (Pacers) — If Larry Bird really thinks this is Indiana’s frontcourt of the future, we’ll get our first look at them together this week.

Trey Johnson (Pacers) — He put up 25-30 points a night routinely at Jackson State, and he’s shooting for his spot in the NBA. In other words, he’ll be the T.J. Ford of the Pacers’ summer squad.

A.J. Abrams (Nets/76ers) — Undrafted out of Texas, he’ll knock down some threes in what is basically an audition for Europe.

Jeff Adrien (Nets/76ers) — Same situation as Abrams, only replace “knock down some threes” with “foul the sh*t out of people.”

Chris Douglas-Roberts (Nets/76ers) — Still has potential to be a decent off-the-bench scorer in the League, but he hardly got any PT last year. With Vince Carter gone, CDR may be able to find some room now that he’s battling rookie Terrence Williams and second-year pro Courtney Lee.

Jrue Holiday/Terrence Williams (Nets/76ers) — Jersey wants to showcase its star rookie in Williams and give him as much work as possible; Philly wants to showcase its rookie Holiday and give him as much work as possible. See where this combined-team thing may not work out well?

Russell Westbrook/James Harden (Thunder) — OKC’s backcourt of the future. I gave up trying to boycott the Thunder about three weeks into last season, and now Westbrook/Harden might make them appointment viewing. I can still wish bad things upon Clay Bennett, though.

Serge Ibaka (Thunder) — Either he’s the diamond in the rough or he’ll have as much impact in the League as Fran Vazquez. There’s no in-between.

Eric Maynor (Jazz) — Don’t be surprised if he’s the best rookie in the field.

C.J. Giles (Magic) — You know I gotta keep up with all my Seattle guys. Giles was once a projected Lottery pick, but was his own worst enemy as he got kicked off the team at Kansas and again at Oregon State. But he’s 6-11, athletic and young. He’ll get his shot.

Levance Fields (Magic) — Between basketball and his weekly TV show on Oxygen, Levance is a busy man:

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