Our Eastern Conference All-Star Starters Will Make You Realize How Silly Fan Voting Is

01.15.16 2 years ago 11 Comments

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Fan voting decides the starters for the NBA All-Star Game. That’s ridiculous, of course.

Basketball’s Hall of Fame and the sport’s worldwide following use a player’s number of starting nods as a factor in determining his legacy. Popularity alone, basically, can push a superstar to a major achievement he doesn’t deserve. And in the most egregious cases – like Kobe Bryant this season, maybe – it can keep a far more deserving player from appearing on the league’s most high-profile stage in general.

It’s not good, basically. There’s nothing the league will do to alter the voting process anytime soon, though, and there’s certainly nothing we can do to alter it immediately. What’s the next best thing? A completely objective selection process for All-Star starters undertaken by DIME, naturally.

Reminder: The league asks fans to vote for two guards and three frontcourt players from each conference, and we did the same. While player distinctions of “point guard,” “wing,” and “big man” would fit the modern league far better than current ones, change is accomplished one step at a time – and using on-court merit to choose starters is big one by itself. Maybe next year.

Without further ado, these are DIME’s picks for the Eastern Conference All-Stars.

*Our picks for Western Conference All-Star starters will be made on Monday, Jan. 18.

Guards: Jimmy Butler, Kyle Lowry

Jimmy Butler, Kyle Lowry


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