Pass The Mic: My Trip To The Hall of Fame

09.22.09 8 years ago 10 Comments

Jerry Sloan

After the Hall of Fame festivities ten days ago, reader J.Tobias hit us up wanting to share his personal HOF experience. While the majority of the world was watching from home, J actually made it to Springfield. Here is his story:

My buddy and I were in Springfield from Thursday to Sunday for all the festivities. When we got in Thursday morning, we immediately went to the Hall of Fame because we knew the press conference was being held that night at center court and wanted to check it out before it shutdown at 2PM. So while looking around and checking out the MJ exhibit, one of the employees tells us that Jerry Sloan is on his way down to the second floor. So we got to meet him and his wife Kay who was extremly nice, even providing us with a sharpie to sign our yearbooks when we saw them later at the gift shop.

That night I wish we would have gone to Samuel’s Tavern which is connected to the HOF because they said Barkley was bartending, giving out shots and mooshing waitresses.

So the next day we went to the Pep rally at 8:30 and I saw Dahntay Jones and Bobby Simmons walking around, not knowing that you guys were in the Fantasy Camp that was taking place. So we attended the Jam Session and met Dee Brown and played NBA Live 10 (smooth gameplay), and I even made a shot on the real large court and won a headband.

So then it was off to the actual Prep rally, where I got a lot of autographs – Earl Lloyd, David Thompson and even Rick Kamla from NBA TV who stopped and talked hoops with me for about five minutes. It was funny because nobody knew who he was and I could hear people whispering, “Who does he play for?” in the background. I asked him about his Timberwolves getting Antonio Daniels and he said Flynn still gets the keys to the car but they are freeing cap space (Songalia).

That night we watched the actual enshirement at Samuel’s Tavern at the HOF and you could see center court from the window inside. Afterwards, when everyone was arriving for the after party, we saw Kenny the Jet and a few other NBA related people. Then on Saturday we had tickets to the ring ceremony at the Mohegan Sun and below are a couple of pictures from that night – it was really cool.

Walt Bellamy is a trip! He was just chilling outside the event and in his words, “looking for cuties.” Funniest thing was following the ceremony, most of the NBA legends went upstairs to MJ’s Steakhouse, and Jared Jefferies is walking up and my buddy whispers, “This is the closest he’ll ever get to the Hall of Fame.”

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