Phil Jackson Condones Fun With Playmates

04.01.09 8 years ago 22 Comments

Andrew Bynum
There are plenty of times when Phil Jackson comes across like an ass, but every now and then he doesn’t seem half bad. For example, he doesn’t seem to have any problem with Andrew Bynum cavorting with Playboy Playmates as his knee rehab winds down.

“I think there’s a lot being made out of that that is unnecessary,” Jackson said Tuesday. “This is a young guy. I don’t think Andrew is 22 yet, is he? He’s a 21-year-old guy. He’s been out of basketball 5 1/2-6 weeks. He’s got to have some energy and vent and have some fun. Now I don’t know if putting a girl on your shoulders…”

Jackson was referring to one picture, which showed Bynum carrying a woman on his shoulders. He tore the medial collateral ligament in his left knee against Memphis on Jan. 31.

Source: RealGM

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