Playstation 3 Preview After Party

08.07.08 9 years ago 9 Comments
Brandon Playing Little Big PlanetBrandon Playing ‘Little Big Planet’

Last night I hit up Sony Playstation’s after party for their video game preview I attended earlier in the day. Held at NYC’s new hot spot Country Club, the after party was a video gamers’ dream.

Throughout the club plasma screens were set up for everyone in attendance to play the games we previewed earlier in the day. I didn’t get to play ‘The Last Guy’ again but I did spend some time with ‘Little Big Planet.’ If it wasn’t for Brandon Cox (one of Sony’s PR Managers) I wouldn’t have gotten off of the first level.


The most popular game of the evening had to be ‘Buzz.’ ‘Buzz’ is a trivia game where you go against other opponents to see who can answer questions the fastest. With cool animation, ‘Buzz’ looks like the game everyone will be playing on a Friday night over a few drinks while chillin at a friend’s house.

To spice up the game play, Sony held a ‘Buzz’ contest and the winner got to go home with a Playstation 3. If you’re wondering if your boy took home the PS3, I didn’t. Sorry to let you guys down, but I didn’t know anything about Little House on the Prairie. Maybe next time.

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