Raef LaFrentz’s Contract Is Available

12.08.08 9 years ago

As the Portland Trail Blazers sit atop the Northwest Conference with a 15-7 record, they are the only team outside of Cleveland still undefeated at home. Allowing only 93.3 points per game, good enough for fourth best in the Western Conference, Kevin Pritchard is still not satisfied.

Let me rephrase. Kevin Pritchard knows the Blazers can do better. As many teams are looking to get under the salary cap, the Trail Blazers realize that they have a large bargaining chip at their disposal in the expiring contract of Raef LaFrentz.

LaFrentz, you’ll recall, is out for the season following shoulder surgery, and is sitting on a $12.7 million expiring contract. The question now becomes whether or not the Blazers would prefer to wait until this summer and lure a free agent, or cash in the contract now and find someone to help them in what is clearly going to be a playoff run.

If you’re the Blazers, do you wait until summer or cash in now?

Source: Hoopsworld

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