Ricky Davis: Suspended

12.30.08 9 years ago
Ricky DavisRicky Davis, Dime #10

Ricky Davis‘ terrible season just got worse. In 13 appearances with the Clippers, Ricky isn’t getting many Buckets, averaging 4.3 points while shooting 27% from the field. It says here he hasn’t played since Nov. 22 due to a sore left knee, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been quietly Tinsley‘d. Whenever Ricky does get activated, however, he’ll have to serve a five-game suspension for violating the NBA’s drug program. The suspension was announced yesterday.

Ricky’s two-year contract includes a player-option for next season, and while he’ll mostly likely want to stick around (who else would pay him?), 2009 could easily be the end of his career if the Clips decide to just cut their losses and buy him out. Through all the sideline drama and controversy and even his disturbing track record of losing, the one thing Ricky and his employers could always depend on was that he can score. Seeing as he’s not even doing that anymore, what is his value?

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