Sam Cassell Was Never Going To Be An Assistant Coach This Season

10.22.08 9 years ago 11 Comments
Boston Celtics

Last week, the word on the street was that Sam Cassell may start the season not as a player, but as an assistant coach with the Celtics. But after talking with Sam I Am last night at the Knicks/Celtics game, apparently those reports were completely unfounded.

“There never came across a situation with me being an assistant coach,” Cassell told me. “I don’t know who transpired that story, but everybody in this League knows that one day I’m going to be a head coach in this League. One day, it’s just a matter of time.”

Indeed that time may be soon. After re-upping with the Celtics for this season, all signs point to the 38-year-old Cassell hanging it up after this season.

“I gotta get that experience and have the belief from someone that I’m okay, and that I’m ready to take on this responsibility. I know it’s hard work, I know what it’s gonna take, and I look forward to it.”

In terms of hard work, one thing Cassell definitely knows about is winning back-to-back championships – a feat he achieved in his first two years in the League playing for the Rockets.

“It’s not easy, but nothing worth having in this game comes easy. We gotta put forth our effort, a better effort, and understand that guys and teams are coming to beat us each and every night. We understand that aspect of it and we’ll be fine.”

So as the Celtics look to make it two in a row, Cassell knows where he stands in the PG hierarchy, acknowledging that “Rondo is our starter, and he does a hell of a job.” Nonetheless, when it comes down to it, the veteran still knows he can help his team win.

“I’m just the guy who whenever Doc needs me, he understands I can still score the ball in this League, and eventually, throughout the course of this year, I will definitely help this ball club.

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