Shaq Disses Andrew Bogut and Erick Dampier

11.10.08 9 years ago 15 Comments

This is amazing. I’m so happy that someone gave Shaq another platform to insult people. Someone – possibly the execs at Vitamin Water – convinced the Diesel to start using the social networking site Twitter to keep people updated on what’s going through his head throughout the season. This is tapping into a resource of endless entertainment.

Here are some of the things that he’s posting recently, with the icing on the cake coming at the end.

Pop is crying about his transition D. You can’t stop me 2 ft from the rim, or lil STAT 2 ft above the rim. Shaq has spoken.”
– October 29th 7:52 PM

“Voted Obama. Barak told me I can guard the nuclear football codes.”
– November 4th 3:31 PM

” Guys know if they need an instant bucket, they can come to me. As the son of Jor-El, it’s in my nature to help others and save the universe.”
– November 6th 9:16 AM

“On the plane back to #PHX, another Suns W. Bogut is Erika Dampier with a beard.”
– November 8th 10:14 PM

Source: Twitter

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