What Are The Best And Worst Things About Steph Curry’s Historic Season?

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The 2015-16 NBA season has been dominated by Steph Curry on the court and in the press. And for good reason, too. We’re all a part of the Media Industrial ComSteph and so we wanted to give our writers another chance to talk about what he’s meant to the season. Except, we’re flipping it on them, too.

We’re giving them a chance to wax poetic about Curry once again, and no adjective will be spared. But we’re also asking them to talking about the biggest negatives to come about during Step’s ascension to perhaps the NBA’s greatest player. Not only that, but we’re asking them which player (ignoring teams and other seasonal subplots) is being ignored the most due to Curry’s ubiquitous influence.

This is another Stephen Curry roundtable, but also one where our scribes get to air their grievances — in this, the Year of Steph.

What’s the most exciting thing about Steph’s play this year?

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Jack Winter

The most exciting thing about Steph’s play this year is the means behind it compared to last: complete freedom and unceasing confidence. To submit that a player like Curry has lacked self-assuredness isn’t quite fair. You don’t reach the peak of the pinnacle without believing in yourself, after all, and that’s what the Golden State Warriors superstar did en route to winning a championship and the MVP in 2014-15. But Curry’s a different player this season, and his different mindset has as much to do with that glorious reality as any skill or athletic improvements. Kudos to Steve Kerr, Luke Walton, Bob Myers, and company for realizing arguably the league’s best player had another step to take and then allowing him the latitude to do it. Kerr would question Steph’s shot selection and general decision-making at times last season, but he’s not doing it now – and the entire basketball world is reaping benefits of that royal jelly.

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