Get Your Raincoat

07.02.07 11 years ago 2 Comments
IMAGE DESCRIPTIONBring an umbrella if you’re doubling CB4

Not long after the official jump-off of free agency ’07, it’s already been reported that the Raptors agreed to a four-year, $24 million deal with Jason Kapono. Not only is that a good move for the Raps, who keep stockpiling shooters (Bargnani, Dixon, etc.) to rain on teams doubling Chris Bosh, it’s also a huge blow to the Heat’s title chances. Then again, Miami won’t care if they can land Rashard Lewis … Meanwhile, Vince Carter (4 yrs, $61.8M) and Luke Walton (6 yrs, $30M) are reportedly staying put … Everyone in Orlando seems to be all up in arms that the Magic didn’t call Darko‘s agent at 12:01 a.m. Sunday. We know that’s become standard practice for a team to show they really want to keep a guy, but really: if an agent/player is going to not sign with a team because they weren’t calling them in the middle of the night, do you want a guy like that? Midnight, six in the morning, eight in the morning, noon; as long as it’s a good offer, what’s the problem? … On the “Calm Kobe Down” front, the Lakers are said to be going after Mo Williams, Steve Blake and Grant Hill, says the L.A. Times. We thought the Lakers saw themselves as set at PG after drafting Javaris Crittenton to back up Jordan Farmar, but Mitch Kupchak said, “That remains a position we need to pursue. Jordan Farmar may end up being that player, but we do feel that another player in the backcourt, a veteran player, would be a good fit.” … The Clippers got a point guard out of the draft (seriously slept-on Jared Jordan out of Marist), but the L.A. Daily News says they’re gonna be looking at Steve Blake, Chucky Atkins and Jacque Vaughn to sign. OK, we see it with Blake, but Atkins and Vaughn? They’re not going to play much longer than Sam Cassell. How about going after Mo Williams? You can start him and bring Cassell of the bench in a Derek Fisher-ish role where you can conserve Sam’s minutes during the regular season and still make sure he’s on the court in crunch-time … We like what the Grizzlies are doing this offseason. They went out and got the most sought-after available coach in the game (outside of Billy Donovan), made the right call with their only draft pick, and are making sure their star, Pau Gasol, has no reason to pull a Kobe maneuver. And Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley says he’s going to put his money where his mouth is in free agency. “You can rest assured that the payroll will be in the upper half of the NBA,” he told the Memphis Commercial Appeal. “We’re trying to build a winner here. I know the people in Memphis don’t like losing. I liked it even less.” The Griz are said to be going after a big man this summer, i.e. Mikki Moore, Darko, Fabricio Oberto or Anderson VarejaoYi Jianlian hasn’t gone to Milwaukee since the draft, and according to MSNBC, most likely won’t because he’s got Team China business in Dallas. Yi told Chinese reporters, “Based on the timing, I have no chance to go to Milwaukee.” Really? Not even for a few hours on a chartered jet? … Part of that Team China business saw Yi’s squad drop one to the U-19 Team USA squad in an exhibition leading up to the U-19 World Championships later this month. Yi put up 15 points, 8 boards and 3 blocks in the loss, while Wang ZhiZhi (remember him?) had 8 points and 5 boards. Oregon’s Tajuan Porter led the U.S. with 20 points and five treys, while Davidson’s Stephen Curry (Dell Curry‘s kid) went for 16 points and four triples, and K-State incoming frosh Michael Beasley scored 12 … With the Sonics going young and rebuilding, Dwane Casey has apparently moved to the front as the top coaching candidate. Casey is also tight with Rashard Lewis, which is big if the Sonics are actually trying to re-sign Raw … In the Philadelphia Inquirer’s story about the Sixers’ press conference introducing its ’07 draft pick, it refers to “Colorado State’s Jason Collins.” That’s actually Jason Smith, but who’s keeping track? … Great quote from Thaddeus Young at that conference: “I am a great guy, don’t carry a lot of baggage and a people person, and a lot of people love me,” Young said. That’s great, dude, but you’re not running for office. The Philly people just want to know if you can play … Thaddeus shouldn’t get too comfortable, though. Billy King is reportedly still trying to swing a trade for either Yi or Joakim Noah … Not only did Taurean Green go lower in the draft than most people thought, it looks like he didn’t land in the best situation for him in Portland. “He has to wow us to keep him on board. With all the guards we have, that’s what he needs to do,” Nate McMillan told the Oregonian … Sign in the crowd at Greg Oden‘s Portland intro rally: “There is a GreGODen!” … Tony and Eva update: they had a joint bachelor/bachelorette party at a club in St. Tropez — one half of the club reserved for TP and his boys (including Jamie Foxx) and one half for Eva and her girls. Was there at least a curtain in the middle so Tony could cut loose a little? … We’re out like breathing room …

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