Syracuse Adds One Of The Nation’s Best Shooters

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In Dime #54, we wrote a feature on Trevor Cooney, a 6-3 junior from Sanford School in Hockessin, Del. At the time, Cooney was juggling interest from national powerhouses such as Duke, Syracuse, Villanova, Pittsburgh and Maryland, before selecting the Orange late last week. One of the best shooters in the Class of 2011, he’ll be a welcomed addition. Not up on Cooney just yet? Check out the original story below:


Words. Jonathan Marshall

When naming the player whom he emulates, Sanford School (Hockessin, Del.) junior Trevor Cooney often ruffles the feathers of Duke haters. But it should not come as a surprise, because only a shooter of Cooney’s caliber can appreciate the finer things of the art.

J.J. Redick,” says Cooney proudly. “I look at him and just how he gets his shots off. A shooter and definitely a winner.”

It’s only fitting that Cooney, one of the top high school shooters in the country, would admire the Orlando Magic guard. Wreaking havoc all over the state, Cooney dropped 30 points and 14 rebounds on Caravel Academy (Bear, Del.), 22 points and 15 rebounds on Wilmington Friends School (Wilmington, Del.) and 25 points on five threes against the Ferris School For Boys in (Wilmington, Del.) last season. Having been on the scene ever since the eighth grade, when he first suited up for the Warriors, Trevor can sense the annoyance that fans have of him every time he steps on the court.

“In Delaware, my name has been tossed around out there for a while, so you can tell people are getting sick of me,” jokes Cooney. “Players playing defense on me and other fans getting on me, that’s every game. You just have to keep your cool because it will change your game. I might talk a little back, but with the fans, you can’t let them get to you.”

Cooney has certainly earned the right to talk. Over the past three years, he has been among the best in the high school class of 2011. As a sophomore last season, the 6-3 shooting guard averaged 22 points, 11 rebounds and four assists per game despite always being the focal point of the opposing team’s defense. It’s no surprise then that he has already received interest from national powerhouses such as Duke, Syracuse, Villanova, Pittsburgh and Maryland.

Trevor wowed onlookers this summer while playing for his AAU squad, Team Final, and putting in work at the Nike Skills Academies for Paul Pierce and LeBron James (where he was named the best shooter in attendance). But the greatest honor of all came when Cooney was selected to represent the United States in the Nike Global Challenge in Portland, Ore. this past August.

“This was my very first year going out on the Nike circuit,” says Cooney. “The camps that they send you to are awesome. You got a feel of what to expect from the next level. You got to see some of the best in the country. Just to wear the letters U-S-A on your chest is a great thing.”

In addition to his AAU schedule and summer camps, Cooney’s training regimen included working on ball handling, creating his own shot and getting to the rack on a consistent basis. Contrary to those who think he jumped out the crib draining shots, it’s Cooney’s work ethic that separates him from his peers.

“It’s not natural,” explains Cooney. “When I was younger, you needed something to separate yourself, so I wanted to be a great shooter. I’ve been working on my form ever since.”

And one person that sees that hard work more than anyone is Cooney’s high school basketball coach, Stan Waterman, who has built one of Delaware’s top programs at Sanford. He feels that all the attention Cooney receives is well deserved.

“Trev is something special,” says Waterman. “He’s got a great work ethic. He’s a complete player and has a great feel for the game. I think sometimes he gets pegged as a shooter, but he will go down the lane and throw it down. If he continues to improve, the sky is the limit.”

Cooney does have dreams of joining Laron Profit, Terence Stansbury, A.J. English and Dexter Boney as the only Delaware products to ever play in the NBA. But with two years left of high school ball, Cooney looks forward to winning his first high school title and flustering fans and defenses in the first state before he gets ahead of himself. Maybe he will don the Blue Devil uniform one day, but one thing is for sure, he will always carry the proverbial chip on his shoulder.

“There are not many players that come from Delaware,” says Cooney. “People doubt you because of that. Just because you are from Delaware does not mean you are any less of a player than someone from a bigger state. We actually do have some good basketball players in Delaware.”

It remains to be seen if Cooney will join the list of Delawareans in the NBA. If he continues to elevate all facets of his game, maybe one day he will be mentioned in the same breath with Redick as one of the game’s best shooters. Despite the hecklers, the proud state of Delaware is counting on it.

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