T-Mac: I won’t dunk on you, but I’ll give you buckets

08.17.10 7 years ago 40 Comments

(Ryan Hurst, twitter.com/nba_photos)

OK, somebody with an NBA rulebook clear this up for us: Is there still a dress code or not? We were under the impression that any time a player is “on business” he has to dress according to the code, but over the last couple of seasons we’ve seen guys arriving at the arena and sitting on the bench wearing stuff that should’ve drawn fines and nobody said anything. And it’s not like it’s just the young dudes. Yesterday, T-Mac had his introductory press conference with the Pistons — that counts as “on business,” right? — and our man showed up in a white tee. (At least it wasn’t a 6XL tee.) Not saying we were big fans of the dress code anyway, but if it’s quietly gone away let us know … A lot of what T-Mac said to the Detroit media sounded exactly like what he said when he came back with Houston last year: He doesn’t care what his critics and doubters say, but at the same time he admits to having a chip on his shoulder. He doesn’t have a problem coming off the bench, but he still feels like he’s a top-level talent. “I might not be dunking on anybody like I used to, but I’m going to put the ball in the hole,” McGrady said. “Who was that, Okur, I dunked on in ’03? I might not be doing stuff like that, but I still can put it in the hole.” … Whatever negative backlash was thrown at squeaky-clean superstars like LeBron and Chris Paul during the free agency rush, we’re sure David Stern would take that kind of attention for the NBA in a heartbeat over yesterday’s headlines. Udonis Haslem was arrested over the weekend and charged with weed possession in Florida, while Lance Stephenson was charged with assault after allegedly pushing his girlfriend down a flight of stairs in New York. You wonder how the Pacers will react to this, because they’ve been on a mission to rid their franchise of shady characters. Obviously there are still details that need to come to light, but Indiana might not want to take the chance on Lance now … Tweet from Jared Dudley: “So Melo not signing that (extension) I’m hearing. I’ll bet if he doesn’t sign it by Oct he will be traded. Nuggets will learn from Cavs and LeBron.” Do you think the Nuggets would actually trade ‘Melo mid-season, or see how far they can go in 2011 and try re-signing him in the summer? … The other day we suggested Dennis Rodman should be an NBA announcer, but Worm would also be great as a TV studio analyst. Making the media rounds for Scottie Pippen‘s Hall of Fame induction, Rodman told the Chicago Bulls website, “You’ve got to understand, LeBron has no business even being in the same conversation with Scottie. Scottie was the epitome of the (do-it-all player). What do you want me to say? Scottie was great.” … In the pre-game hype to last night’s Jets/Giants game, John Gruden (who for some reason mean-mugs the camera even when he’s telling a joke) said the Jets “have signed more star players than the Miami Heat.” But given the age and miles on LaDanian Tomlinson and Jason Taylor, wouldn’t it be more like the ’03-04 Lakers? … We’re out like Eli Manning‘s face …

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