Tayshaun Prince Talks About the Iverson Trade

12.08.08 9 years ago
Tayshaun PrinceTayshaun Prince

With Rasheed Wallace mumbling to himself and scaring everyone who wears a press pass, and with Allen Iverson pouring over the stat sheet before jumping in the shower, the media flocked to Tayshaun Prince in the locker room following yesterday afternoon’s loss to the Knicks.

Even though Tayshaun’s comments might seem a bit inflammatory, I should make one disclaimer: he didn’t sound pissed off. It didn’t feel like he was giving some speech to spark his team. It just felt like he was kind of upset, and maybe even a bit worried about why things haven’t really clicked yet.

“Yeah, it’s taking a long time to get out of this,” said Tayshaun, “which is mind-boggling because we do have a veteran group… When you make a trade, you want that guy in training camp with the team. You wouldn’t think that it’d take a team this long. You’d like to think 15 games is enough time, but it hasn’t been. But, maybe 15 games isn’t the problem. Maybe it’s our energy level. It’s there throughout the game, but not when we get started.”

Once AI finally got out of the shower, he avoided all talk about the trade – instead choosing to focus on Tayshaun’s point about the team’s energy.

“We get paid a lot of money to come out here and perform, a lot of money to play to our highest ability,” said AI. “There’s no reason for anyone not to bring it all.”

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