The Biggest All-Star Weekend Storylines

02.12.09 9 years ago 16 Comments
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With All-Star weekend less than 24 hours from being officially underway, here are some things that we’ll be keeping our eyes on on the ground in Phoenix.

* Amare‘s reception among the fans in PHX*
Right now there’s no question that Amare is the biggest name in the League who has the best chance of being moved before the Feb. 19 deadline. So how are the fans going to react? Are they going to stick by him until he’s dealt, or will they rip into him for his sour attitude as of late?

* Shaq and Kobe are teammates for the first time since playing together in L.A.*
The Diesel has been surprisingly pro-Kobe in recent months, saying that their feud was all-hype, and then saying that he’s the best player in the League right now. How will it play out when they’ve got to share the ball?

* The East’s lack of a point guard*
Unless Devin Harris sees a lot of tick, the East will play without a true point guard for a serious portion of the game. Last year the ASG ran smoothly because CP ran the show for the West while J-Kidd did his thing for the East. With Allen Iverson playing the one, will the East’s offense end up as people taking their turn going one-on-one? That’s a recipe for a snoozefest.

* Will the rookies break the sophomore streak?*
Honestly, this is the first time that I’m going to watch the rookie-sophomore game. I’ve got both feet on the Kevin Durant bandwagon, and I’m a big fan of the ’08 rooks. Even though they’re not quite on the level of the LeBron/Carmelo class, they could give the sophomores a tough time and maybe win for the first time in seven years.

PG – Derrick Rose
SG – O.J. Mayo
SF – Rudy Fernandez
PF – Mike Beasley/Brook Lopez
C – Greg Oden

PG – Rodney Stuckey
SG – Kevin Durant
SF – Thad Young/Jeff Green
PF – Luis Scola
C – Al Horford

That’s a great five-on-five.

* What does Dwight Howard have up his sleeve?*
The Victoria’s Secret bird costume would be a disappointment…

What are some other storylines that have you excited about All-Star weekend?

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