The final word on Ricky Rubio

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Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio

Now that we know Ricky Rubio won’t be playing in Minnesota this season (or next), questions turn to whether he’ll ever play for the Wolves at all. Soon after it was reported that Rubio is definitely staying in Spain until 2011, some Minnesota sources said the Knicks were worming their way back into the picture, pitching trades to see if the Wolves would rather get something now than wait for Rubio later. Then some New York sources promptly denied it. (Why wouldn’t they?) If the teams are talking, apparently David Lee, Nate Robinson, and/or a No. 1 pick would be some of the bargaining chips on the table. Just for fun, let’s pretend there’s a chance of a deal here: We’ve been over how Rubio and the Knicks would be a perfect fit; but what about Lee or Nate in Minnesota? D-Lee and Kevin Love would battle for the PF/C spot next to Al Jefferson (however Kurt Rambis wants to play it), and don’t count the younger K-Love out of that competition — he’s got more offensive game than Lee, and is almost as good of a rebounder. Nate would fit into that scoring combo guard role vacated by Randy Foye, and if history is any indication, will be getting his numbers on another bad team by midseason … When you go to the T’wolves official website, there’s a feature on the Top 10 moments in the history of the franchise. We’re guessing today’s news wouldn’t have cracked the list. Good looking out to include J.R. Rider‘s dunk contest win, but we would’ve liked to see the Wolves/Knicks game at MSG in ’03 when Latrell Sprewell torched the Knicks and spent the whole night cussing out the NYK owner James Dolan. (They also left out that one special day when Oliver Miller only got seconds from the pre-game snack table, bypassing thirds.) … We actually went to the Wolves’ site to see if the Rubio news had already impacted the team’s marketing for next season, but there was nothing new there. The one NBA team whose marketing did make headlines yesterday was the Nets. New Jersey unveiled a special 10-game ticket package for next season, where five of the games are against the Lakers, Celtics, Cavs, Magic and Heat. And if you buy said package, you can get five free jerseys. Reversible jerseys. Reversible with a Nets player on one side, and an opponent on the other side, e.g. Devin Harris/Paul Pierce, or Yi Jianlian/Dwyane Wade, etc. Would that be enough to get you out to a game? … Add Mikki Moore to the “He has an NBA job before Allen Iverson?” list. The Warriors signed Moore yesterday to back up Andris Biedrins and Ronny TuriafStephen Jackson is still a Warrior, and it looks like GM Larry Riley doesn’t plan on trading him at all, brushing off Capt. Jack’s trade demand as some “Manny being Manny”-type deal. “As far as his remarks on playing for a championship, that’s not the first time we’ve heard it because that’s the goal that he sets for himself and his teammates every season,” Riley said. “That’s the type of confidence that he exudes as a player and the reason that he has endeared himself to our fans. That’s who Stephen Jackson is.” Um, he didn’t just say he wants to play for a title. He said he wants to play for a title and he doesn’t want to play for the Warriors … When we heard Marcus Williams‘ contract with the Grizzlies includes a lot of weight-based and body-fat percentage caveats, Dime’s Pat Cassidy had this response: “Do you know what kind of garbage you have to eat every single day to remain fat while playing in the NBA? How hard is it to not eat at McDonald’s multiple times a day every single day?” … Finally, whatever you’re doing next Monday night, cancel your plans. If you thought Shaq hosting WWE’s Monday Night RAW was great, next week BOB BARKER is guest-hosting. Bob is inarguably in the Top-5 of the coolest guys to ever live life, and you can’t tell us any differently. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss that episode … We’re out like Fat Marcus Williams …

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