The Larry Hughes All-Stars

02.04.10 8 years ago 34 Comments

Larry Hughes

In the final seconds of the fourth quarter of last night’s Sixers/Bulls game, Philly was down one with the ball. Allen Iverson was not in the building, as he was home dealing with a family illness. Elton Brand and Andre Iguodala, respectively, were having perhaps their best games of the season.

But even I’ve seen enough Sixers games to know what every Philly fan was fearing most: Lou Williams was going to take it upon his shoulders to lose this game.

After Brand couldn’t get a good look over Joakim Noah, Lou got the ball. By some miracle, however, he dribbled around for a bit but didn’t launch a terrible step-back jumper from 26 feet — although he definitely appeared to be thinking about it — and instead gave it up to Iguodala, who drove and got fouled, hit the game-tying free throw, then dominated overtime in a Sixers win.

By not taking that potential game-winner, Lou Williams went against his reputation, seeing as he’s notorious for his bad shot selection. The biggest Sixers fan I know still calls Williams “The Teenager” — even though he’s 23 years old now — because he often still displays the decision-making and shot selection of a high schooler.

Lou would be the headliner for this roster of Guys Who Take Bad Shots, but it’s hard to dethrone Larry Hughes when he has this website named after him. These guys also have never met a shot that didn’t look good:

Corey Maggette
Antawn Jamison
DeShawn Stevenson
Rudy Fernandez
Vince Carter
Nate Robinson
Zach Randolph
Kobe Bryant
Ron Artest
Allen Iverson
Baron Davis
T.J. Ford
Charlie Villanueva
J.R. Smith
Eddie House

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