The NBA’s Best Alley-Oop Combo

12.26.08 9 years ago
Kevin GarnettKevin Garnett (photo. Gary Land)

It seems at least once every game for the last couple months — including yesterday’s big Boston/L.A. matchup — Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett have hooked up for an alley-oop, one that was commonly a dagger during the C’s 19-game win streak. And later on Christmas Night, one of the League’s other regular highlight tandems, Sergio Rodriguez and Rudy Fernandez, hooked up for a sick play, albeit not their traditional ‘oop. Looking around at all 30 teams, who are the NBA’s top alley-oop combos? Some candidates:

* Mike Bibby to Josh Smith
* Rondo to Garnett
* Ray Felton to Gerald Wallace
* Mo Williams to LeBron
* Derek Fisher to Kobe
* Jameer Nelson to Dwight Howard
* Andre Miller to Andre Iguodala
* Steve Nash to Amare
* Rodriguez to Fernandez
* Chris Paul to Tyson Chandler
* Deron Williams to Ronnie Brewer

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