The Night Before Christmas

10.29.07 10 years ago 10 Comments
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(Photo. Jonathan Mannion)

It’s like Christmas Eve around here, today being is the day before Opening Day. Pretty light schedule tomorrow: Spurs vs. Blazers, Lakers vs. Rockets, and Warriors vs. Jazz. The first two are on national TV, so if you don’t have League Pass, don’t worry. And not only is the Utah game not on national TV, the Jazz start off the season on the road — perfect recipe for Jazz fans to start their complaining in midseason form … Spurs/Blazers would’ve been more interesting if it was Greg Oden getting baptized something awful by Tim Duncan, but now it’s gonna be more like TD, Tony Parker, Manu and Co. picking up their championship rings and disposing of B-Roy and LaMarcus early. It looks like Portland will start Joel Przybilla at the five, LaMarcus at the four, Martell Webster at the three, and last year’s backcourt of Roy and Jarrett Jack. We thought LaMarcus would’ve been the center and Channing Frye the four; and we figured Travis Outlaw would win the SF job. Shows how much we know … We also thought Steve Francis had a good chance at either starting or being the 6th man in Houston, but we missed on that one, too. Apparently Franchise is the odd guy out in that loaded backcourt. “That is going to be tough, that will be real tough for me,” Francis told the Houston Chronicle. “If that’s the case, then I don’t know. I definitely didn’t come here not to play at all. Hopefully we can work something out.” Sounds like the prelude to a trade demand … Other than that, Lakers/Rockets will be two hours of Kobe talk, whether #24 plays or not … If you missed it over the weekend, we had Carmelo Anthony as the latest subject in our “Hall of Fame Watch.” We know, we know — it’s early to be talking about ‘Melo for the Hall, but that’s the whole idea behind projection. Come back later today to see the next candidate … If ‘Melo were to carve out a H.O.F. career, he might have to put up scoring numbers akin to Alex English. Yesterday ESPN Classic showed Pistons/Nuggets from ’83, a.k.a. the highest-scoring game in NBA history, featuring English and Isiah. You knew the game was gonna be a buckets-fest when Dan Issel and Bill Laimbeer came out from the tip just on fire. It highlighted the fact that so few big men today have that mid-range jumper in their arsenal. Issel’s was automatic, at least on that night … We read in the Washington Post that Nick Young is dropping jaws at Wizards practice and has everyone saying he should be in the Dunk Contest. Here’s a sneak peek of what he can do … Bounce is giving away free sneakers today. The lineup of kicks flying out of the office has been sick so far; click here for today’s freebies and see how you can win them … We’re out like the mid-range game …

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