The San Antonio Spurs’ Best-Kept Secret

06.30.10 7 years ago 16 Comments

Ginobili, Parker, Scola, Barbosa, Udrih, Splitter, Dragic. These are all San Antonio Spurs’ international draft picks that you’ve heard of.

This year the Spurs drafted Ryan Richards with the 49th pick, in the second round. Hailing from London, England, Richards has indicated he doesn’t want to continue playing ball in Europe and will most likely be playing for the Spurs’ D-League team, the Austin Toros, next season.

Depending on what draft site you read, Richards is anywhere between 6-10 and 7-0 and weighs between 225 and 230 pounds. What’s indisputable, though is that Richards really impressed at the pre-draft combine.

According to GM R.C. Buford, Richards “is a gifted athlete and a pretty good shooter. That shooting ‘4’ role for us has been pretty important. We’ll see how long it takes him to get ready for this opportunity.”

Until now there haven’t really been any videos of Richards playing. Fortunately Sam Neter, a guru of British basketball, put together this highlight video of Richards for his site

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