The Top Ten Good-Bad NBA Players

12.01.08 9 years ago
J.R. SmithJ.R. Buckets

Last Wednesday, J.R. Smith was late for practice, so he was benched against the Clippers. On Thursday, he dropped 32 against the Hornets. Two days later, he played seven minutes against the T-Wolves without scoring. And then last night against the Rockets, Smith sunk five three’s and tallied 19 points off the bench. That way-up, and then way-down trend got George Karl talking.

“J.R. is a good-bad player, and we’re trying to take the bad out and magnify the good. . . . And consistency, defense and a positive, good attitude would keep him on the court,” Karl said. “But I don’t think he gives us always those three every night we play. Some nights I’ll tolerate his bad and some nights I’m probably going to go someplace else.”

That’s a perfect way to describe J.R. – he’s a good-bad player. His shot selection can be atrocious. But he can also spark the team’s offense with deadly three-point shooting and explosive drives to the cup.

In fact, this opens up an entire category of players who are generally too elusive to put into the “I’d Like to Have Him on My Team” or “I’d Absolutely Hate to Have Him on My Team” boxes.

For all of these guys, there’s a reason that they’re not good basketball players. (J.R.’s fatal flaw is that he is Capt. Jack Sparrow.) But at the same time, there’s something that you like about their game, so much so, that you actually can be convinced that they’re someone you actually want to play for your squad.

* J.R. Smith
* John Salmons
* Louis Williams
* Damien Wilkins
* Al Harrington
* Eddie House
* Emeka Okafor
* Tim Thomas
* Ray Felton
* Stromile Swift

What’s your list of the top ten Good-Bad NBA Players?

Source: Rocky Mountain News

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