The War Against Chris Mullin

11.07.08 9 years ago 22 Comments
Golden State Warriors

This hurts my heart. Chris Mullin has always been my basketball idol, and even though he and the Warriors have nothing to do with Philly, over the last few years I had sort of adopted the W’s as my West Coast squad because of the way they played and because Mully was the architect.

Now there’s been an an obscene amount of ridiculousness going in the Warriors’ front office in the last few months, and battle lines have been drawn between Mully and team president Robert Rowell. Unfortunately for the legions of Warriors fans out there, it appears as if the writing is on the wall for Chris Mullin and anyone close to him in the organization. Mullin is about to fall victim to a petty, vindictive executive who is drunk with power.

Good job Robert. Pretty great way to reward the guy who made your franchise relevant again isn’t it?

I was going to ask Warriors fans how it feels to be at the mercy of an inept front office circus, but I lived through the Billy King/Larry Brown year in Philly. At the same time though, there was never one person seemingly hell-bent on destroying a franchise like this clown Rowell is doing today in Oakland.

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