Things Done Changed

12.02.07 10 years ago 20 Comments
IMAGE DESCRIPTIONPhoto. Jonathan Mannion

Going into the Hornets/Mavs game last night, a lot had been made about how the Hornets hadn’t beaten Dallas since ’99 — we’re talking Derrick Coleman, prime Eddie Jones, rookie Baron Davis, David Wesley-when-he-could-still-play territory. But a big game from Tyson Chandler (21 pts, 13 rebs, 3 blks), a huge game from Chris Paul (33 pts, 9 rebs, 12 asts, 3 stls), and some clutch shots from Peja and Jannero Pargo finally snapped the streak … Great play to free Peja up for the game-tying trey to send it to OT. Peja ran along the baseline to get the inbounds, Chandler set a solid screen (plus a little holding) to take Josh Howard out of the equation, and DeSagana Diop stepped over just in time to get a BONG in his face … Late in the third, Brandon Bass went up for a shot and had Chandler toss it into the crowd. A minute later, Bass got some get-back when he ran down his buddy CP and spiked his layup off the glass … So Nets/Sixers was tied with about 20 seconds left, Jersey ball. What do you think the Nets did? Run a play where Jason Kidd has a pass/shoot/pass option and rely on one of the best decision-makers the game has ever seen? Of course not. Iso for Vince, no one else did anything, and Vince missed the potential game-winner. The Nets did pull it out in the extra frame, though, and Vince came off the bench to score 24 points. With Manu and Jason Terry playing the sixth man role now, is this gonna be a new trend? Lawrence Frank said afterwards that he wasn’t punishing VC for anything, simply trying to give the team a spark off the bench. “Coming off the bench he can be a little fresher, be more of a hub and a focal point and carry more of an offensive burden,” Frank said. “It’s a game-by-game deal.” … Isn’t it funny how teams will spend beaucoup dollars on someone like Rasho Nesterovic ($7.8 million) and end up getting so much more production from a bargain like Jamario Moon ($427K)? With Chris Bosh (groin) out of the lineup against Washington yesterday, Moon put up 16 points and 13 boards, doing his best to fill in CB4’s numbers, while Rasho went for six and eight … Is that a winning streak they’ve got going out there in Chicago? The win over Charlotte yesterday made it two in a row for the Bulls for the first time this year, and they looked like the team everyone expected to contend for a ‘chip. Ben Gordon (34 pts) and Luol Deng (29 pts) went off, and Ben Wallace looked like ’04 Big Ben: 19 boards, 4 blocks and 5 steals … Ben was getting buckets from Emeka Okafor (21 pts), but the ‘Cats didn’t go to Emeka nearly enough. We’ve seen that a few times in Charlotte games this year; the guards can take way too many shots while Okafor, even on a night where he’s hot, is relegated to spectator … Seeing as Stromile Swift is 28 years old now (doesn’t seem like it, does it?) we can’t really use words like “potential” with him anymore. At this point, he is what he is. So last night’s 16-point, 10-board, 4-block showing against the Wolves wasn’t so much “If he keeps this up” as it was “Stro’s occasional big-time game.” And did you see the halfcourt oop he caught from Damon Stoudamire on Al Jefferson‘s head? Nasty … For Eric Gordon, playing on the road yesterday at Southern Illinois — one of the top defensive teams in the country — was perhaps gonna be one of his toughest tests of the year. The kid responded with 22 points on 7-for-14 shooting (4 triples) and didn’t come off the floor once. He’s legit … We’re out like Stro’s upside …

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