Top 5 Best Backup Point Guards In The NBA

10.13.09 8 years ago 56 Comments

Allen Iverson

While it seems many people could care less that the Heat signed Carlos Arroyo yesterday to be their backup point guard, the deal only goes to signify to me once again that the role of the backup point guard is perhaps one of the most important in the League. Guys like Travis Best, Greg Anthony, Jacque Vaughn, Lindsey Hunter and Anthony Johnson have made a career out of it, and the best teams in the NBA take note. So with that in mind, here are the Top 5 best backup points this season:

Note: No rookies were included on this list, as time will tell with them.

1. Allen Iverson, Grizzlies – While everyone in the Dime office believes that Iverson will be starting at some point this season, whether it’s simply due to injury or coach’s decision, he’ll be starting the year coming off the bench. There isn’t a PG in the League that wants to face AI, let alone playing with the second unit.

2. Andre Miller, Blazers – Like it or not, Miller is going to be coming off the bench at least some of the time in Portland. And if I was him, I would just keep my mouth shut and win games. Sure Miller is the League’s reigning iron man, but Steve Blake has been the leader throughout the Blazers’ turnaround and still can hold his own on the court.

3. Anthony Carter, Nuggets – Even after Denver drafted Ty Lawson, there’s a reason they re-signed Carter to backup Chauncey Billups. One of the reasons the Nuggets were so successful last season was because when Billups would sit down, AC wouldn’t let the pace of the game change.

4. Jannero Pargo, Bulls – After a year overseas, Pargo decided to come back to the League this year to backup Derrick Rose. While he may not have the more talent, he’s able to be extremely efficient. Just ask Chris Paul.

5. Jose Juan Barea, Mavericks – Backing up Jason Kidd is no easy task, but Barea makes you forget he’s a backup when he’s on the floor. Actually, the dude played so well at times last season, that he would often end games playing alongside Kidd in the backcourt.

Who do you think is the best backup point guard in the NBA? Who else should be on this list?

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