Tyler Hansbrough Could Be A Lottery Pick

06.22.09 8 years ago 35 Comments
UNC's Tyler Hansbrough

UNC's Tyler Hansbrough

If Tyler Hansbrough ends up being selected within the top 15 picks on Thursday, he’ll have leapfrogged Stephen Curry, Jonny Flynn, and every other prospect as having made the biggest jump up the draft board.

Even if Psycho-T doesn’t have the upside of a Terrence Williams, Earl Clark, James Johnson, or B.J. Mullens, some teams are coming to see his high-octane effort as a unique, valuable skill in the League.

On Friday, the Hawks were wowed by his energy for an entire workout. The quotable Hawks’ assistant coach Larry Drew, Sr., who raved about Wayne Ellington‘s shooting display recently, loved what he saw from Hansbrough.

“He kicked the meter up. It was off the Richter Scale,” said Drew. “That was one of those 8.0s, one of those quick, hard earthquakes. Because his energy is at another level. You just don’t see many players capable of playing with that type of energy and effort and can sustain it through a game, or even a workout. He plays at a totally different level than some of these young guys out here.”

On Blog Maverick, Mark Cuban took a full swing at the NBA Draft blog-o-sphere recently, saying that no one really has any clue what’s going on, and ESPN should blacklist certain blogs who just spit out rumors. There’s a chance that the notion of Hansbrough-in-the-lottery is misinformation. There’s a chance that he’s going to go at the very bottom of the first round as originally predicted. But there’s always a chance that some of these GM’s and scouts are telling the truth.

“If this kid is still there at 19, the Hawks better not hesitate,” another Eastern Conference executive told Sekou Smith of the AJC. “The kid’s a dream for coaches in our league, because he’s going to come in and crank things up automatically. He’s just wired differently than most of these other guys.”

Source: AJC

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