Vince Carter has a Nick Anderson moment; John Wall headed to D.C.?

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Vince Carter, Dime #21

The cold part is that Vince Carter really is more clutch than a lot of people realize. But when your biggest crunch-time hiccups take place on the biggest stages, your reputation will say otherwise. And Vince has no choice but to eat a big bowl of “choker” criticism after last night … In the first half of Magic/Celtics Game 2, Vince could barely get on the court after J.J. Redick came in and started busting jumpers, but in the fourth quarter he started to make up for it. Vince (16 pts, 3 stls) hit a pull-up from the elbow to cut Boston’s lead to two with about five minutes left, then drained the go-ahead J a few possessions later. Kevin Garnett put the Celtics back on top with a turnaround, and with 30 seconds left, Orlando was down three with Vince at the line. Channeling the spirit of Nick Anderson, he bricked both free throws. KG missed from the top of the key, then Redick (16 pts) borrowed from the Chris Webber playbook and took an ill-advised timeout after he’d already advanced the ball, leaving Orlando with 3.5 seconds to make something happen from a long ways away. Jameer Nelson‘s running three was on-line, but too short … Paul Pierce, on the other hand, delivered in the clutch. He only scored two of his 28 points (8-16 FG, 5 rebs, 5 asts) in the fourth quarter, but they were a pair of key free throws right before Vince’s gaffe that kept Boston in command … Orlando had the advantage in free throw attempts, but there were some questionable calls down the stretch where they got shafted. The worst was with two minutes left, when Redick crossed up KG, and as he blew past him, the refs ignored Garnett giving him a forearm to the forehead. When Redick went up to shoot, Big Baby slid under him (after he’d jumped) and drew a charge that shouldn’t have been called … Add Mark Jackson to the list of unabashed Rajon Rondo supporters. At one point Jax said there aren’t five PG’s in the League who can run a team better than Rondo (25 pts, 8 asts), and later asked seriously, “Who’s a better QB: Tom Brady or Rondo?” Obviously we love Rondo over here, but let’s not get carried away … In other Boston sports references, having learned that Doc Rivers calls Rondo “Varitek” after Red Sox catcher/captain Jason Varitek, Jeff Van Gundy said Varitek should be called “Rondo” instead. Again, settle down. Varitek has multiple rings, and as a catcher he puts his body through more punishment than Rondo. Give that man his respect … Are the Magic done? Getting swept in the first two games AT HOME is as close to a disaster as you can get at this stage in the playoffs, but let’s see how they come out for Game 3. The Magic did waste Dwight Howard‘s best offensive game of the postseason, though. Dwight put up 30 points (12-17 FT) and fouled Kendrick Perkins out … Late-night Twitter update from Pierce: “Anybody got a BROOM?” …

'Reke Havoc + Jrue The Damaja

There’s a street-corner vendor printing John Wall jerseys in D.C. as we write this, but Wizards president Ernie Grunfeld wouldn’t give anything away when we spoke to him right after last night’s NBA Draft Lottery drawing, where the Wiz landed the No. 1 pick. And what would the addition of Wall mean for Gilbert Arenas? Grunfeld said Gil isn’t going anywhere, but we’ll believe it when he’s on the court for Washington next season … Aaron Brooks (with ridiculous Urkel glasses), Tyreke Evans, DeMar DeRozan, Danny Granger (with “my James Bond” white blazer) and Jrue Holiday were repping their teams. Granger said he had a John Wall jersey under his shirt that he would break out Superman-style if Indiana landed the first pick. That’s a nice gesture, but you know T.J. Ford and Earl Watson would feel kinda salty if Granger actually did it … Dime’s Aron Phillips was in Secaucus, N.J., for the live Lottery event. Here’s some of his report: Aaron Brooks was by far the coolest dude in the place. Not bothered at all with the hoopla, just chilling by himself. He said that it’s more important for Houston to have a healthy Yao than to win the Lottery … David Stern had a laugh at Cleveland’s “We Are LeBron” song. “They can do whatever they want: song, banners, balloons, blimps, armies,” Stern said. About the LeBron free agent madness, Stern said, “It actually shows the importance of basketball to the culture, and what a fixture the NBA has become.” … Stern spoke to Gilbert Arenas last week, and said Gil should be concerned with working in the community and getting in shape … Tyreke Evans shook hands with Larry Bird and said, “I didn’t know Bird was that tall.” He mentioned something about his long fingers … Jay Bilas, huge fan of Dime, is a Bug Light guy … We’re out like Rumeal Robinson

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