What’s the best team you’ve ever played on?

08.07.08 10 years ago 41 Comments
KGKG with the trophy

Dwyane Wade was recently asked to compare the ’08 U.S. Olympic team to the ’06 Miami Heat, with which he of course won an NBA championship. Wade didn’t speak on the talent, but he did say Team USA was the best example of team unity and camaraderie he’d ever been around, including his Marquette squad that made the Final Four in ’03.

Some of our DimeMag.com readers have played pro ball, some have played in college, others in high school, and some are your everyday gym rats who have ran in countless pickup games. But no matter what category applies to you, there was probably one team you played on that stands out as the best. For whatever reasons define “best” for you, what was that experience like?

Whether it was on the playground, on the high school/college level or in the pros, what was the best team you’ve ever played on?

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