Where Does the D-Wade we’ve seen in Beijing rank among NBA twos?

08.15.08 9 years ago 57 Comments
Dwyane WadeD-Wade, Dime #19

Anyone who’s watched Team USA this summer knows that Dwyane Wade is healthy, visibly stronger, and generally back on top of his game. After falling out of the public eye a bit last season while he was injured and Miami went into the tank, D-Wade seems poised for a monster season once the NBA schedule tips off.

If Wade stays healthy throughout the season, given the way he’s played this summer, where does he rank amongst the League’s best two-guards? Better than Joe Johnson? Ahead of Brandon Roy? How about T-Mac? Is a peak D-Wade a full notch below Kobe, or right on his heels?

Right now my Top-10 would be:

1. Kobe
2. D-Wade
3. T-Mac
4. Iverson
5. Ginobili
6. Rip Hamilton
7. Vince
8. B-Roy
9. Joe Johnson
10. Ray Allen

HONORABLE MENTION: Jason Richardson, Michael Redd, Kevin Durant, Kevin Martin.

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