Comics Of Note, April 23rd

By: 04.23.14

Mass Effect: Foundation #10


Dark Horse

Why is Kasumi, a master thief, working for Cerebus? That’s what this issue fills in, in a little more detail. It’s a fun one-off for fans, although it depends a little too much on your being a fan of the games.

Mind MGMT #21


Dark Horse

It all goes off the rails in this issue, as the trap is sprung and almost the entire team is trapped by their former comrades. And this is related not in dialogue, but in thought balloons, just to give it that twist. Once again, we’ve got to highly recommend Matt Kindt’s book; it’s amazing how creative he can be here, and it’s always worth reading.’

The Massive #22


Dark Horse

Mary, the missing member of the Kapital, turns up in Northern Africa, a land that’s slowly dying from lack of water. Honestly, Brian Wood was smart to take the focus off Callum Israel for a while. Mary’s an interesting character in her own right, and the setup here, with Mary defending a water tanker, is an engaging and clever one, especially with Danijel Zezelj taking over art chores. If you’re intimidated by this book’s double digits, this is an ideal place to get on board. Highly recommended.

Harbinger #22



Month in and month out, this is the best team book on the stands, and this issue is no different as Peter goes toe-to-toe with Harada, his mentor and foe… and somebody else will be paying the price. As always, a lot of fun and highly recommended.

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