‘Hulk Vs. Iron Man’ And Other Comics Of Note, June 25th

By: 06.25.14

Original Sins #2

original sins 2


Once again, this is a good mix of funny stories and serious, anchored by the Young Avengers. But, just like last issue, it’s the two-pager in the back that’s really the best. Worth getting for Marvel fans.

C.O.W.L. #2

cowl 2


’60s-era Chicago supercops versus low-level street villains seems a compelling pitch on paper, but this is more about the background machinations between the superhero union and the city of Chicago. That doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of action, but pick up this book knowing that it’s at a slightly more deliberate pace. Highly recommended, however, and not just for the terrible groin injury that happens.

Trees #2

trees 2

Image Comics

Warren Ellis’ sprawling SF story about aliens landing on Earth and showing absolutely no interest in us whatsoever continues, this time mostly focused on a research station in the North. Honestly, the book seems a little slowly paced; the concept is stunning, but Ellis is taking his time exploring the implications. Still a fascinating book, though, and a recommended read.

Sinestro #3


DC Comics

Korugar is destroyed, but that’s not going to stop Sinestro. Of course, the fact that everybody from his home planet hates and fears him is kind of a small obstacle, but eh, whatevs. The main problem is this book rolls out some spooky menace and it doesn’t really work. The entire point of this book is that Sinestro means well but goes about his goals in an utterly insane way. Trying to introduce someone worse just isn’t going to work here.

Conan The Avenger #3


Dark Horse

Can Fred Van Lente write all the Conan books? This mix of palace intrigue and noir is probably the most fun anyone’s had with the character in ages, and it shows on the page. Highly recommended.

Shadowman: End Times #3



Peter Milligan’s story shifts from a story of voodoo to a family tragedy, and it’s a troubling read. But also quite the climax to a miniseries well worth picking up, especially if you like your superheroes dark and troubled.

Ms. Marvel #5

ms marvel 5


Kamala Khan is just trying to do the right thing, but that’s a little tricky when you’re an inhuman with shape-shifting powers. Honestly, this book keeps being a lighthearted and fun teen superhero book, and that makes it worth reading just for how rare that feels. Highly recommended.

Vandroid #5


Dark Horse

Hey, who spilled Frank Miller all over this book? In its quest to be the most ’80s thing ever, this book tries far too hard, but at least Dan McDaid’s visual imagination is on display. Disco samurai may be cheesy, but McDaid can make them fun.

Ghost #5


Dark Horse

Elisa goes after a cheesy TV host who thinks he’s Satan. No, really. He introduces himself as such. Chris Sebela’s script is a little rote, but Jan Dursema’s clean art goes a long way. Worth picking up if you like the character.

King Conan The Conqueror #5


Dark Horse

Apparently it’s part of the Dark Horse contract that they put out one fairly standard ’70s-style Conan book out amid the far more interesting spins on the character, and that’s this book. Not bad, but easily the least of Dark Horse’s Conan books.

Serenity: Leaves On The Wind #6


Dark Horse

The official season two of Serenity wraps up with a jail break. It’s some fairly fun stuff, but like all the Whedon comics, it’s about the fanservice first and the story second, and that means they’re not as good as they could be. Solid, fun for fans, but not the show.

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