‘Batman V Superman’ Set Video Shows Ben Affleck Looking Jacked And Being Heroic

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08.07.14 7 Comments

Following up on the plot leaks and set video from earlier this week, we have another fan video shot at the Detroit set of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. This one shows that Bruce Wayne can be heroic without the Batsuit. You can see him saving a little girl in Metropolis one minute into the video below. Later in the video, they drop the setpieces while one of Affleck’s stunt doubles runs underneath.

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We doubt the video will be pulled, but here’s a screencap of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne saving a kid, just in case:

See that, Superman? Batman just saved a civilian in Metropolis and he didn’t even knock down the building he was saving her from.

Here’s another minor spoiler: the building being wrecked here is a “Wayne Financial” building in Metropolis, as seen in this other set video. Ben Affleck was also photographed standing outside the building in this set photo from Monday.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens March 25th, 2016. Yes, it’s a new release date.

Via THR and @ottensam

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