5 costume ideas for Hugh Hefner better than Robin Thicke

10.28.13 4 years ago

Hugh Hefner dressing up as Robin Thicke for Halloween is just as obvious as your college roommate dressing up as Hugh Hefner for Halloween — although it’s substantially more creepy. Hugh and his young bride Crystal Harris transformed into Robin and Miley for the Playboy Mansion’s annual Halloween bash, and now I fear I’ll be cringing for the rest of my life.

Robin and Miley’s VMAs performance was already super creepy even without being co-opted by an 87-year-old porn magnate in a bid to look culturally relevant. Although I imagine a key component of this costume decision was that Hugh got to keep his pajamas on. So, thumbs down on this look, but here are 5 costume suggestions for Hugh should he choose to dress up on Thursday.

1. A dinosaur. It’s cute and self-deprecating, which Hef could certainly stand a little more of in his life.

2. The panda from Alison Gold’s “Chinese Food” video. Fundamentally just as creepy as Robin, but cuddlier, and easier to hide out in for a nap.

3. Oatmeal.

4. Dracula. No, probably not the Jonathan Rhys Meyers version.

5. Honestly? Hugh Hefner is a perfectly fine costume if you’re already Hugh Hefner.

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