9 signs Lady Gaga has lost her way

Lady Gaga’s newest album, “Artpop,” comes out Monday. While an album from Momma Monster is always cause for excitement (and it looks like this one will have a strong opening of 450,000 copies or so), there are several signs that look like Lady Gaga has lost her way a bit.

Even before news broke this week of her split with longtime manager Troy Carter, several of us at HitFix felt like her career was a little unsteady, whether it was the feeling that the songs leaking from “Artpop” weren’t as compelling as past material or her grab to propel fans to buy multiple copies of “Applause” to juice it up the charts or even just the fact that she doesn’t seem to be having much fun anymore, here’s a look at a few ways Lady Gaga seems to have lost her path a little. Here’s hoping the missteps are only temporary.

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