Watch: Deranged man twerks his ever-loving ass off all over London

06.12.13 5 years ago


As you might have already guessed, we here at RIOT are obsessed – and I do mean obsessed – with the current dance craze known as twerking, which requires a whole lot of delirious booty-shaking and a heaping portion of “fuck it I am so doing this thing, in the Wal-Mart” attitude to successfully pull off.

So following on the heels of yesterday’s big twerking find involving hyperactive Brigitte Nielsen clone Miley Cyrus, we now present to you our latest favorite video, this one centered on one very frantic young man twerking for his life all over London, to the chagrin of a number of obviously humorless pedestrians, fast-food employees, security guards, old people sitting on benches and women reading in libraries. Oh lighten up, people with jobs, it’s party time!

Twitter: @HitFixChris

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