This Cosplayer Tried To Cram Every Johnny Depp Role Into One Costume. Did He Succeed?

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There are cosplayers who dress as superheroes, and then there are cosplayers who are superheroes. The guy in this photo is a prime example of the latter. His attempt to cram every Johnny Depp role into a single costume is nothing short of impressive.

Edward Scissorhands, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Pirates of the Carribean, and (gulp) The Lone Ranger are clearly represented. Subtler elements of The Rum Diary (camera), Dark Shadows (pointy fingers), Ed Wood (bow tie), Dead Man (watch and/or revolver), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (glove), Blow (blonde hair), and Alice in Wonderland (socks and boots) also make appearances. It might actually be easier to list the Depp roles this guy missed.



(IMGUR; H/T Reddit)

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