Neil DeGrasse Tyson And His Nephew Just Dropped A B.o.B Diss Track Over Drake’s ‘Back To Back’

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01.26.16 8 Comments

My 7th grade self is insanely jealous right now because had this B.o.B vs. Neil DeGrasse Tyson feud went down when I was doing my science project on solar eclipses, my presentation would’ve been so lit I probably would’ve went home with a 1st Place trophy.

After B.o.B tried to check Neil DeGrasse Tyson, a freakin’ astrophysicist, on the true shape of Earth with the diss track “Flatline,” DeGrasse Tyson’s nephew, Stephen J. Tyson, is sticking up for his famous uncle and hitting back at Bobby Ray with his own diss, “Flat To Fact.” And the fact that it uses Drake’s “Back To Back” instrumental makes it even more awesome.

The menacing track opens with DeGrasse Tyson repeating his earlier tweets on stupid flat-Earth truthers, before his nephew goes in on B.o.B. for calling him a Mason when “the ignorance you’re spitting helps keep the people enslaved mentally.” Tyson also uses Drake’s flow from his infamous “Is that your world tour or your girl tour?” line on the OG version to ask Bobby Ray if he’s been tweeting while high. “Are these all of your thoughts or is the loud talking? I’m a high flyer, but you must be cloud walking.” OH SNAP!

Much like Drake’s OG version, Tyson’s diss also includes a Charlamagne shout out, “he’s the Donkey of the Day, I ain’t waiting for Charlamagne.” Such fighting words from the rapper who added if Donald Trump was feeding Bobby Ray his lines and sent rocks at Stacey Dash.

“Guitar strings turn to Twitter thangs/You gettin’ bodied by a young king” doesn’t have the same ring as Drake’s “Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers,” but he tried. Twitter’s still having a field day, though.

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