Here Are Six More Times Timbaland’s Samples Were Questioned

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Universal Media Group just got hit with a lawsuit over the Timbaland-produced, Justin Timberlake and Jay Z megahit “Suit & Tie.” At issue is whether the label cleared “the rights to vocal performances” from the 1973 Sly, Slick and Wicked track “Sho Nuff,” which is sampled extensively throughout the song.

The two members of the the group who brought the case admit that UMG cleared samples of their song, but claim that they are owed an increased cut of the song’s massive take because the label failed to properly reimburse them for the use of their vocals. While this seems to be a case of the label dropping the ball, it’s far from the first time that a Timbaland production wound up in court over some legally fuzzy practices.

Check out six other times that Timbo’s samples landed him in hot water.

“Ayo Technology”

The most harmless of all of Timbaland’s sampling controversies. Very small, very vocal corners of the music internet accused Timbaland of jacking the beat for the 2007 50 Cent song from blog-beloved duo Crystal Castles. Turns out that both artists just happened to get their hands on the same sample CD (and Crystal Castles’ take on it hadn’t even been released when Timbaland was working with Fif).

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