Young Thug Doesn’t Want Beef With ‘His Idol’ Lil Wayne

04.10.15 3 years ago 23 Comments
Young Thug Instagram


Looks like Thugger finally caught wind of “his idol” Lil Wayne’s not so subliminal shot sent his way. The Rich Gang rapper responded using Instagram because new age rap beef.

In the video, Thug says “I understand Lil Wayne is frustrated about his career and I feel him on that. But this is my idol. I won’t ever swap words with him or beef with him about nothing. This is a person I look up to.” He closes it out by giving off a somewhat mocking laugh and…sticking out his tongue. Go figure.


Yes, Wayne took the bait by finally speaking out on Thug, playing right into Thug’s hands. Since the beginning, Thug has cited Wayne as the rapper he admired most and expressed a desire to work with Wayne.

The whole situation bears a loose of resemblance to when Wayne himself was taking aim at another Carter – Jay Z – while fighting his way to the top of the mountain. He admittedly idolized Jay, but also poke and poke at him until they finally ended up doing subliminals across multiple records.

Now, Wayne’s the one at the top and Thugger’s the upstart nipping at his heels (and probably being used by Baby to troll Wayne). It’s funny how all of life will come back around on a person like that. Thug’s following the blueprint that Tunechi scripted.

Expect more back and forth between now and next Friday when Carter 6 drops. That’s all Thug needs right now.

(via XXL)

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