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That’s Not How You Streak, Buddy

By 01.12.11

Streaking at sporting events is a great tradition, like starting the wave or women in their 40s showing their jugs at a REO Speedwagon concert. But it’s generally something that has to be done with great care, because there are certain elements involved that could be greatly affected. Namely, genitalia. That’s why I see this video that is going viral on the intertubes as a wakeup call to would-be streakers out there.

The next time you want to run naked to interrupt a tennis match at the local YMCA, use your brains. Or at least use your eyes, because that window is as plain as day, dumbass.

Video after the jump…

There’s a little bulge action at the end, so consider this somewhat NSFW.

Window Stops Streaker In His Tracks – Watch more Funny Videos

(Thanks to Bodysuit Man Robopanda for the tip.)


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