We Ranked Every Super Bowl XLV Commercial

By: 02.07.11

Black Beetle, 2012 Volkswagen Beetle — C

I liked the Spiderbait, and that was about it.

First Date, Chevy Cruze — C

Facebook in the car? Wait til you get home, buddy. Which button do you push for the car to talk you off?

Border Patrol, Coca-Cola — C

The official beverage of peace.

Enzo The Tailor, E*Trade — C

I can’t wait until Super Bowl LX, when the E*Trade Teen is telling us about commission-free trades while fingerblasting some high school sophomore in the back seat of his __. Go away, E*Trade baby.

Clay Eminem, Lipton Brisk — C

“I don’t do commercials.” Uhhh…

1984 Tribute, Motorola Xoom — C

“Oh, it wasn’t an iPad commercial?”

Black Couple, Pepsi Max — C

Domestic violence is funny when the woman does it.

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