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The 2011 Beautiful Bulldog Contest

By 04.29.11

Sometimes a headline says it all. Bulldogs, man. Bulldogs. Matt Ufford can have his corgis. I am the very proud owner of a corgi/pit bull mix and she’s the greatest. But I also adopted a pit bull once, and Bruno Rockefeller Burns was one of the greatest creatures that ever existed on this planet. He routinely farted in my face while I slept. He pissed in my laundry like it was on fire. But that little bastard chased a basketball better than Chris Bosh so it was worth it. He passed away two years ago and it broke my heart, but thankfully Drake University is around to pick up the poop.
On Monday, Drake hosted the 2011 Beautiful Bulldog Contest. It’s not a sport, and it’s certainly not dogs surfing to Point Break quotes, but damn it it’s a competition and it involved bulldogs, so you bet your sweet ass that I’m mentioning it and it’s a slideshow. Buckle up, monkeys, it’s bulldog time.

Photos via Drake’s Flickr feed and the always wonderful Buzzfeed.


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