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Who Is The Rams Trade Mystery Team?

The Only Guy Who Can Dunk From Half Court Without Jumping Forward

By 02.29.12

JaVale McGee needs to get smart and start destroying people with his naturally occurring biology. (via IASID)

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Maria Sharapova shower high fiveSadly, Maria Sharapova Isn’t Running Around Giving Shower High-Fives – She’s just upset that they want pictures with her dog instead of with her. I bet Martina Hingis would high-five me in the shower. [ Brobible]

ROFLMNBAO: The NBA All-Star Weekend Edition – An uncouth linking to ourselves, but Burnsy is hilarious and this feature deserves at least as many comments as the wrestling posts. [With LeatherThe World Needs More ‘Eastbound And Downton Abbey’ – Slide 8 is my favorite Kenny Powers quote ever, as if I didn’t already approve of this mash-up. [UPROXX]

5 Reasons Why Jaleel White Will Win ‘Dancing With the Stars’ – The moment the Urkel Dance music starts (“do it! DOOO IT! Evr’ybodaaaaaaaayy…”) I’m gonna lose my mind. [The FW]

The FilmDrunk Interview: Jason Mewes – He speaks some English, but he cannot speak it good like we do. [Film Drunk]

Pledge To Party On St. Patty’s Day & We’ll Donate $1K To Charity – How much will you donate if I pledge to stay at home on St. Patty’s day, watch movies and eat macrobiotic food? [Smoking Section]

30 Rejected Pieces Of Star Wars Merchandise We’d Totally Buy – These are way cooler than real Star Wars merchandise. A Death Star basketball, are you serious bro? [Gamma Squad]

Horrible YouTube Comments Immortalized In Web Series – This comment marked for spam. [UPROXX]

There Was Going to Be a ‘Community’ Porno? Tell Me More – I don’t want to see what they’d do with Leonard, but the Dungeons and Dragons episode would be AMAZING. [Warming Glow]

Steve Martin And Gwyneth Paltrow Feel Very Differently About Their Picture Together – Steve Martin’s face is starting to concern me. You’re a famous comedian, you don’t have to look 35 forever. [Buzzfeed]

17 Crazy/Awesome Japanese Commercials – Not as good as that Taiwanese weather report performed by like 10 girls who are also Power Rangers. [HuffPost Comedy]

Memento’s Brilliant, Beautiful Timeline – DON’T BELIEVE HIS LIES [Unreality]

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