The 2012 With Leather Fantasy Football Draft Guide: Knowing Your Quarterbacks

By: 08.29.12

Wait, is Selena Gomez even old enough yet?

The Jail Bait

These are young guys with a lot of potential, but if you touch them now, you’re going to pay dearly.

Jake Locker – A lot of my friends have invested in Locker as a backup. That’s still pretty bold, but I think he could be the best of the young guys this season.

Andy Dalton – While I see a breakout season for Jermaine Gresham and AJ Green elevating to elite WR status, I’m not sure that means Dalton is ready. He should be great eventually. Should. (I have him as my backup to Matt Ryan in my keeper league, so fingers crossed.)

Christian Ponder – If his name isn’t Adrian Peterson or Percy Harvin, there’s not a Vikings player that I want on my fantasy team. That said, I could see Ponder emerging as a quality real QB this season before becoming a good fantasy option next season.

Robert Griffin III – If you think he’s going to be this year’s Cam Newton, you’re probably high. But I want him to be awesome (despite playing for the Redskins, YUCK) so I simply hope for the best.

Andrew Luck – Not yet. Soon. But not yet.

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