The Best And Worst Of TNA Impact Wrestling 2/14/13: Tippecanoe and Joe Park Too

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Just kidding.

Best: Bad Influence

This show was way better than last week’s, but that’s like saying that root canal was way better than the time you accidentally came to during an appendectomy. Let’s take some time to appreciate Bad Influence, because they’re certainly working overtime to make this match entertaining. Daniels is trying his very baldest bestest to make Magnus look good (and I mean really, really trying), because I don’t care how good Magnus was in Ring Ka King, there isn’t a single reason in the world he should legitimately get this pin. Kazarian is such a great heel manager, and it’s obvious as to why he breezed through testing and got his license so soon. They are a bright spot in a poorly lit arena, the wind beneath Hawk Hogan’s wings, and other stuff I read on Valentine’s cards this week, but wrestling related.

Best: Christopher Daniels’ Finger Wear

Because of course you can remove the index finger to flip off a British crowd. Of course you can.


Have you worked hard to get your Manager’s License? Are you gonna pay the replacement fee? DOUBTFUL.

Worst: That’s not how injuries work, Bully Ray

This next segment wasn’t totally horrible. Bully Ray continues his streak of fairly decent “acting,” expressing to Brooke his disappointment in his quad injury, not being able to compete for a #1 contendership spot, and his wedding to Brooke getting ruined by Aces & Eights. He then says that it’s Valentine’s Day, so he’s going to buy Brooke some shoes, take her out to an Italian restaurant, and then go dancing.

Uhhh, dude.

I’m pretty sure if you can’t wrestle, you probably shouldn’t be going dancing. Like, I have terrible carpal tunnel, and I’ve sacrificed a lot of drawing time this week. I’m not lamenting that I can’t draw and then grabbing a shake weight and going hard on it for a few hours after I attempt 300 one-armed push-ups. Come on.

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