The Best And Worst Of TNA Impact Wrestling 2/21/13: Kaz, Stop Trying to Make Fetch Happen

By: 02.22.13

Best: Danielle’s Fandom Armageddon Tag Match


This is a real TNA Turning Point in the episode, because there is pretty much no way the show will have anything better than this tag match. It’s not perfect, but…nevermind, 5/8ths of it is. Let me put it another way. It’s a real shame that the YouTube version of the match is cut down, because this is basically ten minutes of a four-on-one handicap match of Mecha Influence vs. Joseph Park, and it is glorious. It is so good that upon watching it after it aired, a friend messaged me to make sure I was alright. And I am not alright. I am so much more than alright. I am the MOST DELIGHTED.

In this match we have:

– Legitimately great wrestling

– Four of the best heels to ever heel their way around a TNA ring

– Joseph Park showing heart and determination

– Joseph Park going top rope

– Said heels remembering that they’re actually total jerks and collapsing under the weight of their own egos and jerkitude

– Joseph Park

Even Tazz likes Joseph Park, and Tazz is an idiot.

Best: Joseph Park, high-flyer


Worst: We lie, we cheat, we steal other people’s pins

That was Joseph Park’s pin, dude. BOO, CHAVO. BOOOOOOO.

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