The Best And Worst Of TNA Impact Wrestling 2/7/13: Live From Manche-zzzzzzzzzzz

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Best: Twitter, how does it work?

Tweeted after Dixie’s appearance. Thanks, Rob Van Dam! You’re as slow at tweeting as you are in the ring!

There are some twitters I absolutely love following. Jervis Cottonbelly for my daily dose of warm fuzzies, Sidney Bakabella for hilarity, and then…then there’s Rob Van Dam. I kind of tend to lump him into a group with someone like JR. Someone will tweet to JR saying “How do u feel about stone cold can I get a HELL YEAH?” to which JR will respond with “I just spoke to him yesterday. He is in Texas.” Ha, thanks, JR. I love your old man Twitter.

It’s all nonsensical and doesn’t really accomplish what most Twitter accounts should be used for, but it’s wonderfully endearing. Take Devon, for example, who finds Aces & Eights so laughably terrible, he has to make fun of himself.

Best: Team MechaShiva

Again, their promo wasn’t anything terrible, or outstanding, it was just a thing that happened, and I like them together so they get a best. They dislike each other, but they hate everyone else even more, and are okay with being the best together. Aaaaand that’s it.

At this time of the night, and when TNA gives me absolutely nothing to work with, I start to consider putting in some of my actual thoughts as I watch. Thoughts such as hey, I bet Bobby Roode smells really strongly of cologne. You know, the kind of smell you would expect from that guy you ride the elevator with first thing in the morning, who just woke up and showered and is on his way to his job at the local Mazda dealership. It’s not an unpleasant smell, just generic, but there’s way too much of it, and you really can’t wait to get off of the elevator so you can start to get the smell out of your nose.

I bet Austin Aries smells like lentils and glitter and awesome.

Best: Grande Papi

Hey, Spanish version of Big Poppa. Where have you been all my life?

This is the best burrito-music combination that doesn’t belong to Terp2it (warning: explicit language and graphic burrito…stuff…). It also doesn’t make me feel kind of weird for totally craving a burrito after watching.

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