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With Leather’s Watch This: ‘Unexpected Ballers’ Shows Two Mormons Hustling At Basketball

By 08.06.13

Yesterday, the above video, “Unexpected Ballers,” hit the front page of Reddit and blew up into a viral hit accordingly, which means it’s only a matter of time before we find out that it’s actually a marketing clip for Keds or Crystal Pepsi 2.0. So let’s enjoy it for what it is while we can – a video of some white Mormon guys hustling some black basketball players as everyone has a great time.

Naturally, you could dip into the comments on that video and read people ruining the feel good nature, but you’d be better off drinking an actual can of Crystal Pepsi from 1993.

MLB: Yankees at White Sox – 8 PM ET on WGN

The White Sox fans did a pretty solid job of booing Alex Rodriguez last night, but they can do better. I know they can. They just have to try.

Little League Baseball: Southwest Regional Semifinal – 8 PM ET on ESPN 2

The fans in Waco, Texas have done a pretty solid job of booing the kids who have cried so far, but they can do better. I know they can. They just have to try.

WNBA: Seattle at Phoenix – 10 PM ET on ESPN 2

Looks like I’m going to bed early tonight.

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